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How We Can Help

When you need to sell fast and under distress we are here to help. We only close out deals where everyone wins. Read below to see if you fit one of the scenarios.  Even if you don't, give us a call to see what we can do for you. What happens in a foreclosure is life changing.  Don't let it happen to you.



Most people go into foreclosure because they stop making mortgage payments. It all comes down to not having the funds. Two simples solution are to sell us your house before the foreclosure occurs or let us take over the payments. Of course every situation is different and other options may be available.  By working with us you are assured of at least walking away with money and/or time to make living arrangements post-foreclosure.



If you don't pay your real estate taxes long enough, the county will eventually put your property up for sale to collect what is owed. Much like foreclosures, it typically comes down to a lack of funds. Much like bank foreclosures we can buy your property prior to the Tax Deed Sale.  In both Kansas and Texas there is a redemption period after the Tax Deed sale where you can actually redeem the property and sell it.  The rules are bit complicated so a phone call is best.



Inherting a house sounds like a good thing, however the truth is that it comes with a lot of responsibilities.  Most people want to start dumping money into fixing and then realize that they are better off just selling as-is.  We can take that property off of your hand and put fast cash in your pocket without going through all of the headaches of ownership.  Sometimes houses are in probate which can delay things.  Wouldn't it be nice to have the property sold even before the probate proceedings are done.   



If you fail to stop a bank foreclosure or tax deed sale you may be able to still make the best out of a bad situation. In Texas you are able to redeem property lost at a Tax Sale but not a bank foreclosure.  In Kansas you are able to redeem a property lost at a bank foreclosure and  tax deed sale.  The rules are a bit complicated to try and explain on this website but if you allow us to work with you we can explain the process. 



In some instances the only way to reach a win-win deal is to have to have your rights assigned to our company.  This doesn't necessarily mean you are transferring ownership but only allowing us the rights that normally would go to you as an owner of a property.  This is an action that could take place prior of after a bank foreclosure in Kansas.  In Texas this would only pertain to pre-forelcosure of after a tax deed sale occurs. 



The laws governing foreclosures and tax deed sales are really geared in trying to recover only what is due from the homeowner.  If you lose your home to a foreclosure or tax deed sale and the amount paid for the house is over the amount needed to pay the mortgage company or county then you are entitled to the overage amount.  We can help you get that money back in your hands.  It's your money so you deserve to get it back.

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