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Merriam House Purchased At Courthouse Steps

Sometimes people hesitate to contact us and end up losing their house, being evicted, and walking away with nothing. In this case the homeowner informed us of his situation with only two weeks before the court sale. He was going around talking to different companies trying to get higher amounts for the house. In doing so he was wasting precious time. Failing to commit to one company he hesitated and was trying to hold out for money from other companies but they never came thru. The result was that the house was sold at the courthouse steps. We purchased it, fixed it up, and had an investor purchase it. Had the former owner agreed to a deal with us he would have at least walked away with some money. So don't get too greedy if your in this situation. There's many companies that claim they will buy your house and then not come through and then you lose out on everything.

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