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Blue Springs Foreclosure Stopped Multiple Loans On Property

Medical expenses for his ill wife got the better of Marks finances. Like anyone in that situation you have to decide to spend money on medical care or your house. He did what he could with the home he owned for 30 years. That meant taking out a second mortgage and a line of credit. Eventually though it was too much to keep up with especially with only half the income coming in. Mark reached out to us to see if there was anything we could to keep the bank from taking back the house. His situation was a little more complex than most but together we came up with a plan that kept the house from being sold at the courthouse.

For Mark it wasn't so much about keeping the house as it was to keep the bank from taking back the house and ruining his credit. Mark had been given other options from trying loan modifications to bankruptcy. None of those options would have worked to his goal which was to get out of the house with his credit intact and no debt on the house. The house was in very bad shape so trying to sell on his own was out of the question.

Now Mark and his wife downsized and live without the stress related to the house. Win-Win.

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