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Avoided Foreclosure With 1 Day To Spare Overland Park

Sometimes people just don't know what to do when facing foreclosure. Some work with bankruptcy lawyers . Some show up to court to fight the case. Some don't do anything and then panic when they realize the foreclosure isn't going away. Some try to list their house but don't have the money for repairs or there's so much bad paperwork filed that no one wants to even see the house. This was the situation with Ken. This Overland Park homeowner attempted to sell his house on his own with less than 60 days before it went up for sale at the Johnson County Courthouse. People looked at it but he never received an offer. He waited until 1 week before the property was sold before contacting us. We moved swiftly and agreed he would receive some cash and we would take over the payments. The home needed extensive updating which he could not afford and kept buyers away. Now Ken lives in a new place with the money he received from us. Win-Win

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